Allie & Steve's Ultimate Vacation

Allie & Steve travel the US and Canada (and maybe Mexico & South America) by way of RV, or road coach, or caravan, or whatever you want to call it. We call him Oscar. He's our lovable 34 foot coach. We travel with our two cats, Spike & Dani, as well as our corgi, Jet. Our podcast is about those travels, our hardships, our future plans, our day to day strange encounters, and the reality of living off the grid. We take viewer and listener questions and answer them to the best of our ability! So give us a listen. We're really not that normal.

Latest Episode

July 15, 2017 - Episode 5 - Advice for Truckers in Training

This week we're in Walcott, IA answering your questions about what advice Allie would offer new truck drivers in training. You'll also learn where the best showers in the country are, find out the scariest road conditions Allie's driven in and maybe a rant about Dunkin Donuts :)

Past Episodes

July 1, 2017 - Episode 4 - Embracing Minimalism

After an epic road trip down the Pacific coast, we're in Long Beach, CA this week answering more fan-submitted questions, including a bunch regarding how we downsized our lives to fit into an RV.

June 17, 2017 - Episode 3 - Listener Question Extravaganza

Join us in the RV this week as we answer a bunch of listener submitted questions. Find out about our gear, how we decide on locations, challenges Allie faced as a former truck driver, and a crazy story about a possible neck tattoo. Somehow we end up talking about football again too.

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Spike & Dani's Twitter: @SpikeAndDani

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June 3, 2017 - Episode 2 - Special Guest Wendy Jepson

We're back in Montana and joined by Allie's lifelong friend Wendy this week. We all answer questions about past advice and spirit animals, find out if Steve is going to be driving Oscar, and tell the story of getting Oscar registered with the state.

This will make more sense after you listen, but we really did register!

May 20, 2017 - Episode 1 - The Adventure Begins

Welcome to the first episode of Allie & Steve's Ultimate Vacation!

Today we're in the middle of the Pacific talking all about our plans for the show, upcoming RV modifications, future life changes and a dude mailing a giant coconut.

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