Perks & Bennies!

Members of the Octosquad enjoy specific benefits, perks, and merchandise. Stuff that is limited release or not available in the merch store immediately. They also get things like monthly postcards and can be part of our enamel pin club. Want your name at the bottom of the website on every page? That membership is here. Want to see new episodes and get special season announcements before everyone else? That’s here too. The perks and tiers are below.

Octosquad payments are automatic at the beginning of every month. You may enjoy Octobennies mid month with a partial payment OR wait until the next full cycle to obtain your status as an Octosquad member.

Effective November 1st, 2021, Octosquad memberships are on hold. No new signups are being accepted. Existing members are not being billed and will continue to receive postcards and other perks through December 31, 2021. Read Full Announcement

Thank You!

per month

Don't need a reward but want to help us out? This is the category for you. We appreciate your support and happily accept your hard earned money! I'm not making you sign up for this, this one is on you :)


per month

I take a lot of photos. Some of those turn into backgrounds. Every month we release a new set complete with sizes for cellphones and tablets!

Postcard Club

per month

We send you a custom printed postcard every month. Addressed to you or someone else entirely! Just know that the message on the back is prewritten. These are all photos I've taken, complete with coordinates of the location! Also includes access to backgrounds!

Website Credit

per month

This is the perk that gets your name on every page of our website. Where we tell the world that you are awesome and thank you for being an Octosquadie. You get a postcard & backgrounds too!

Early Access

per month

Want to catch some early episodes before anyone else? Maybe get access to an update feed not available to everyone? This is the perk for you. Hard core Octos need updates now! Also includes website credit, a postcard & backgrounds!

Enamel Pins

per month

These are fucking super cool. Once a month we will send you the newest pin not available to the rest of the viewing public. Seriously these are way amazing! Includes all other perks.

Thank You for Being Awesome!

This lovely set of Octosquad peeps help make this series. We truly and deeply appreciate the support!

  • Gregg Lawson
  • Kevin Rose
  • Hans Christiaen
  • Lee Cato
  • Rob Kopple
  • Charles Johnson
  • Henry Allen
  • Reid McNutt
  • Alex Kriss
  • Darren Mohammed
  • Laureen Allen
  • Merle Jephson-King
  • Issa Tseng
  • Phillip Madison
  • Ian Anderson