Out of Control

Released 3/15/2020 12:00 PM

This is from October of 2019. So this is awhile ago. Sorry! This is very worth it. There's a lot of trucks and they have things happen to them. Come to North Dakota and Georgia with me!

Thank You for Being Awesome!

This lovely set of Octosquad peeps help make this series. We truly and deeply appreciate the support!

  • Issa Tseng
  • Reid McNutt
  • Lee Cato
  • Alex Kriss
  • Laureen Allen
  • Charles Johnson
  • Darren Mohammed
  • Henry Allen
  • Rob Kopple
  • Merle Jephson-King
  • Kevin Rose
  • Phillip Madison
  • Hans Christiaen
  • Gregg Lawson
  • Ian Anderson